iTunes ‘Olympic’ Track Information

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If you’re at all like me your “Unknown Album” in iTunes is bursting with orphaned tracks brought into iTunes either on purpose or by accident. Once there it is not as intuitive as one would think to stripe the track with more information to take advantage of the iTunes database sorting capabilities. Beyond the simple track name, the Album Title or the Artist Title is not a clickable field and the “Submit CD Track Names…” is greyed out. Even a simple Google search will provide many other people asking the same question “how can I give my track more information?”.

Although most may know this already I thought I would post the way to do this for those who, like me, don’t always find the iTunes GUI straight forward.

1. Highlight the track(s) you want to edit.
2. Right click on one of the tracks and look for “Get Info” or press “Command I” on your keyboard.
3. In the dialogue box that appears go to the info tab at the top.
4. Edit your track information.

In my example above, I edited a sample track of music I created for a trumpet workshop. It was a quick multitrack of the John Williams Olympic Fanfare that I used to illustrate the sound of many trumpets playing at once, in this case me playing two parts about 5-6 times over each other. I then added software based low brass. This is not the original music but rather what I could remember just before the workshop began using my (crunchy) MBP mic. Here is the track:

[haiku url=”” Title=”Olympic_Fanfare_RMD” graphical=”true”]

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