Dynamic Range Day 2012

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It is finally here. DYNAMIC RANGE DAY 2012. Organized by veteran mastering engineer Ian Shepherd, DRD 2012 promises to deliver the message to more people than ever before.

What is the message?

Well, for those who don’t know, over the past several years there has been a movement afoot that has sought to bring attention to the lack of dynamic range in current commercial recordings. By addressing this problem in the music and audio engineering community, Dynamic Range Day brings awareness, education and the creation of standards that will hopefully change the tide of this current aesthetic.

DYNAMIC RANGE DAY draws attention to this growing problem using social media and the power of the global internet community. DRD hopes to affect change by inspiring critical listening and the thoughtful use of audio tools.

You can get more information on DRD here. There is also an open letter to the music industry that can be found here. Click here to find the Dynamic Range Day Facebook page.

Help support a great cause!

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