Corilu Designs

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There is something beautifully organic about handcrafted art jewellery. It has an exclusive, one of a kind, timeless quality to it that can be so compelling. I stumbled across this wonderful site, Corilu Designs, that features this type of jewellery.

All original and crafted by hand so, even if you have a similar style, your jewellery will never be identical to someone else’s. This is even further accentuated if you custom modify a style to your own wishes or have something designed exclusively for you. The priceless nature of the creation is even more apparent but at a price point that is well worth the value for your dollar.

I especially like the muted tones and metals. In some pieces it looks like the sterling silver is almost tarnished and distressed in a well worn antique way. Really lovely! The stones that are used are also beautifully selected for shape and colour. On a side note all the photography of the jewellery is also beautifully done by the designer as well.

You can find the Corilu Design store on Etsy and the designer’s blog here.

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