Grand Salon Logo

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One of the areas I really enjoy working in is branding. There is so much more to branding than just skills at design or illustration. It involves a deep understanding of your target audience, your client, the product and current marketplace trends. There is so much for a designer to sink their teeth into.
I perform occassionaly with Kerry Stratton’s Grand Salon Orchestra and Kerry was kind enough to ask me to design some branding for the orchestra. These images are still working drafts and I thought it would be interesting to share them now as a work in progress. I will post the final version once they are completed.
On a side note, one resource I find invaluable for information regarding branding, marketing and design is Terry O’Reilly’s CBC radio show “The Age of Persuasion”. This is a very comprehensive look at the artform and how it has evolved over the years. Terry and the show are simply brilliant and not to be missed. You can get more information on the show here.

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